Common Issues/Questions

My PortableVPN client will not connect?
   You will need to check your internet connection and that you have access to connect to your VPN server. Some networks such as hotels may not allow VPN access from their network. Please check with your system administrator or the network administrator to see if this is an allowed service, and that you have access to the VPN Server.

My PortableVPN client will connect but remote desktop will not start?
  It is possible that Remote Desktop is not installed on the computer you are using. Another common issue is that the network you are using has the same IP subnet as the VPN you are connecting to, in this case the IP addresses will clash and you may not be able to connect to anything on the renote VPN Network. Please check with your VPN Administrator.

What type of VPN does the software support?
  The software only supports PPTP VPN at this time. It will support compression and encryption on the connection via the settings (depending on the server setup).

Can we just buy the software without trying it?
  It is not recommended to just buy the software, we highly recommend you download the trial and test it with your VPN systems to check suitability, this is limited but will allow real live connections. We do not offer any refunds once a license key has been issued.

I have a PortableVPN License but it will not activate the software?
  There are a couple of cases where this may happen, this can be because the VPN Client does not have direct access to the license server on port 80 (not via a proxy) to verify the license and activate it. The other posibility is the Operating System being used is no longer supported or has something installed that is blocking the activation process. If this is on a USB Key you can activate using a different computer. You can also log into you website account to check the activations. At this time the client is supported in Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1.

Do you offer bulk/multiple licenses or discounts?
  The multiple licenses and discounts are already applied on the website, we do not offer any other form of discount or licenses. If you pick the licenses you require any discount will be applied, if you require more just make a new order!

Does the client work on Windows 10?
  Initial test on the "Windows 10 Insider Preview" the client works fine with no reported issues. We cannot guaranty it will work with the final release, however it is usually a good indication it will. We will continue testing compatibility and making any changes required.

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